Venturing in a new direction…

I’ve written romance before – the relationships between my characters have always been front-and-center in my fiction, whether that’s friendship, brotherhood, parent-and-child, husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend.  In fact, I devoted a TON of words to the growing relationship between Dean Winchester and a woman he helps rescue from a trio of murdering ghosts in my Supernatural fanfiction.

pic 9But as far as my Amazon-published work goes, readers know me best for family drama, and horror.

So this is brand-new territory: a “sweet” romance set in springtime Cape Cod.  (“Sweet” meaning there’s no cussing, and the sex happens offscreen.)  I spent almost six full weeks writing, and editing, gathering opinions from beta readers, and editing some more – and when I hit “Publish” this morning, I was pretty nervous.  Is all that effort going to be worthwhile?  Will readers be as receptive to the story of a paralegal and a convenience store owner as they’ve been to the continuing saga of a family trapped in an underground silo?

Time will tell.  And my fingers are tightly crossed!

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