Logan Thomas Snyder: Three Memories

I might not have entered indy publishing at all if it weren’t for the members of LOOW — the League of Original Woolwrights, a group of writers who came together through their love of Hugh Howey’s WOOL series.  We’re each other’s sounding board these days, a great group of very creative folks, and I thought you’d like to meet them.  I chatted with Dave Adams, Fredric Shernoff and Will Swardstrom when I started this blog; now it’s Logan Thomas Snyder’s turn!  Along with his Wool-inspired novel The Disappeared, Logan is the author of the SF epic The Lazarus Particle and the short story Becoming Violet, which he’s turning into a series.

60481049e8c30a9004842c_L__V348212331_SX200_When Carol asked me to write about how my family has influenced my writing, three distinct memories from childhood came to mind…

The first is my parents reading to me. I remember them reading to me constantly while I was growing up, and not just kids’ books, either; I have vivid memories of them reading me Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Thomas Covenant” series when I was 9 or 10 years old.

517TioDVzbL__AA160_The second is a birthday gift my Aunt Judy gave me not long afterward. It was a dictionary. Most preteens probably would have chucked it without a second thought, but I loved it. A book of words! The very best words in the English language, no less! For years, that dictionary was like my bible. What made it even more special was the inscription: “Logan, This family needs an author. I hope this helps you on your journey. Love, Aunt Judy.” (Sadly, Aunt Judy passed last year, but she did live long enough to see me self-publish Part I of The Disappeared, and for that I’m so grateful. Part II is dedicated to her, and remains the only time I’ve dedicated one of my books to a single person.)

41prZAZaSbL__AA160_The third memory is watching my older brother write a story when he was 16. I was 8, and I asked him what he was doing. He explained to me that he was writing a story. At that point in my life, it had never really occurred to me that stories don’t just spring into existence. They’re born from the blood, sweat, and tears of authors, of creators… and my brother was one of them. Long before I discovered my favorite authors or the novels that would change my life forever, my number one influence was my brother the writer.

So, that’s it! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab a tissue and thank my family for raising me the way they did.

You can find Logan’s author page at Amazon here.

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