e49071a846ce0a82390b76_L__V326996900_SX200_51NE3vdhTpL__AA160_Continuing the introductions to the members of LOOW (the League of Original Woolwrights) — meet WJ Davies, the author of Silo Submerged (one of the most popular Wool-related books), as well as the SF saga Binary Cycle.  Wes is currently in screenwriting school, learning the ins and outs of the world of movies and TV, and I’m looking forward to seeing his name on the silver screen someday!

519Uka1stVL__AA160_No matter how grand your high concept story may be, at the end of the day, the book isn’t about the spaceship, or alien virus, or time travel device. It’s about the people those things happen to.

At the core of every good story are relationships between people, and there are no stronger relationships than those between family members. Some of the most compelling tales are told of families struggling to survive against all odds, of families reuniting after a long absence. The concept of family is primal, and is something that can connect the reader and writer on a profound level because we can all relate to these kinds of struggles, in one way or another.