Will Swardstrom – It’s a Swardstrom thing

Another member of LOOW (the League of Original Woolwrights): Will Swardstrom, who’s the author of SF thriller Dead Sleep and a number of short stories, including Ant Apocalypse and Contact Window.  It’s becoming a rule in his family: if you’re a Swardstrom, you write!

46d767c7f20f0a823908a6_L__V340853896_SX200_A casual look through the books and stories I’ve written shows a clear involvement of my family in my writing. I can’t help it. I think it’s the middle child thing.

Lemme back up. My name is Will Swardstrom and I’ve been doing this Indie Author deal for about a year and a half. As I kept writing and publishing, my siblings took notice. My sister Betsy decided to try her hand at writing fiction and my brother Paul picked up a pen for the first time in a long time. Collectively we published a set of short stories we called “Baking With Swords.” (Cuz my last name is Sward-strom and my sister’s married name is Baker…) It was definitely a labor of love. I really wanted 51zPFpWq5GL__AA160_to give my brother and sister a small taste of the publishing business and the fun I’ve had with it, but coordinating three distinctive personalities who each don’t want to hurt the others’ feelings can be difficult. (That’s the middle kid personality – soothing over arguments and hurt feelings.)

My brother continued to write a little and came up with a story he was stumped on. “Come on in. Play in my toy box,” he said. I played and tinkered. It was a lot of fun, being able to stomp around in someone else’s story and see the passion they had for it. In the end, we put both our names on the short story “Hotbox Runner,” and published it this summer.

51QeAV4EUAL__AA160_What’s happened since then? Well my retired dad has taken to writing as well. From what he’s said (I haven’t read any of it yet), it sounds like a massive space epic and I would love to see it come together. My younger brother also now works in publishing (albeit working in a book publisher’s warehouse, but still…).

Ultimately, though, I wouldn’t have even gotten to where I am without the love of reading and education from both of my parents. The bookshelves were never “full” at my house. There was always room for more and that’s what really drew me into reading as a kid. I knew there would never be an end to the adventures I could have in the pages of a book.

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