Aaron Hubble: Messy Blessings

One of the benefits to sharing my stories and my thoughts via the Internet is having the opportunity to become acquainted with a lot of terrific people.  SF fan and author Aaron Hubble was one of the first readers who reached out to me after I began indy publishing, and has been a huge supporter of my modest efforts — so I’m looking forward to seeing his debut novel go “live” on Amazon sometime soon!  In the meanwhile, Aaron, a devoted family man, is here to offer his thoughts on writing and the people he loves best.

“Which one of these things is not like the other?”

That song from my childhood has been playing through my head ever since Carol invited me to write a few thoughts on family. For crying out loud, I’ve read and enjoyed books by the other posters and yours truly has a grand total of zero books published.

They’re coming.

And the reason they’re coming is because of the messy blessings that live in the same house that I do.

Now when I call the ladies I live with messy blessings, it’s not a disparaging comment. It is just that life is…messy. It rarely ever goes the way I have neatly planned it out. There are bumps, potholes and washed-out roads that require deviations in the aforementioned planned route.


Sharing the same space as my wife and two daughters can be chaotic at times, but they do a good job of putting up with my need for quiet time and my unhealthy love of Star Trek and all things science fiction.

Tracie_and_I_for_CarolMy wife, Tracie, has been a part of my life since I was eighteen. It is getting to the point where I don’t really remember what it was like when she wasn’t there. She is my Amy Pond, witty and beautiful. She is my Spock, logical and with the ability to walk around to the other side of a problem and say, “Have you looked at it from this angle.” There was a time when this college graduate was cleaning toilets, working as a janitor and feeling pretty hopeless. Life had gone sideways and I couldn’t see how things were going to change. When I expressed an interest in writing, she encouraged me even though I had done very little since high school. No matter how many times I stopped and started, she was always there telling me that what I wrote was actually enjoyable to read. Now that I’m seriously writing, she is my sounding board and first reader. I value her opinion above all others. For several years she told me I should start a blog. I always said I didn’t know what to write about. Now I blog and love every minute of it. Turns out I have a lot to say about life, family and Star Trek. So now I’ll publicly say, “Honey, you were right.”

Girls_and_I_for_CarolLillian, eleven, is my reserved bookworm. I never see her without a book or her Kindle (which she saved up her own money to buy) in hand. She has a remarkable memory. Once she views a movie, she can recite it to you verbatim. Her imagination inspires me. It is vast and deep. Lillian has the ability to create complicated worlds in her head and then articulate those worlds verbally. I was never so proud as when she showed me the prologue to the book she decided to write. It’s good. I mean really good. I’m thinking I need to lock her into a long-term book deal before someone else snaps her up.

When I look at nine year old Claire, the word that comes to mind is sweet. And goofy. But mostly sweet. She is one of the most generous people I know. Sharing has never been a problem for her and she delights in giving gifts to people. I envy her empathy. She feels deeply. When someone else is hurting, Claire hurts with them. That is something I lack and it shows in my writing. What comes naturally for her, takes several rewrites for me to convey on the page. She is a free spirit with her own sense of style, who enjoys writing poetry and wants nothing more than a little farm full of animals. She reminds me to not be so serious and enjoy the messy blessings around me.

Yeah, I would get a lot more words written in a day if Tracie didn’t need to tell me about her day shut up in the house homeschooling the girls. I could get a couple more chapters done if I didn’t need to watch Lillian play soccer. The first draft of that second book would be completed if Claire didn’t want me to play another game of badminton.

In fact, I would be a book-churning-out machine if it was just me.

But what would be the point. The reason I get up early to write, the motivation that drives me toward the goal of publishing is those three beautiful ladies that share my space. Without them this is just another self-indulgent exercise. With them, it is so much more. They give my writing color and life. Every word I write is for them in some way. Either to entertain them or hopefully provide for them.

That’s why I do this. I do it for my family. I do it for my messy blessings.


You can find Aaron’s popular blog, Three Minutes to Neptune, right here.

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