John D. Ottini – Family First

ad911279f4b10a82390848_L__V339211050_SX200_John Ottini is new to e-publishing — his first book appeared just this past March — and like many of us, he’s still learning the ropes, hoping to reach a wider audience and boost those sales!  Luckily, he’s got the support of a loving family to help him along the way…

Before I began taking my writing career seriously, I decided that my family would always take priority over the writing. Of course, when the family consists of a wife and a cat, it does make the obligation a bit easier to manage.

I enjoy writing late at night, preferably after everyone is asleep. I’m fortunate that my wife is not a night owl and is usually in bed by 10:00 p.m., and my 3 year old cat sleeps whenever and wherever she pleases.

61xzFC4yStL__AA160_Weeknights we usually do family things after dinner, like relax and read our Kindles, watch a movie, go shopping or take a walk, all of which leaves plenty of time for me to put in a couple of hours of writing before bed.  On weekends it’s much easier because I can write into the wee hours of the morning without worrying about getting up for work the next day.

My wife is my number one sounding board and the first person who reads my book once it’s complete. She is very detail-oriented and always manages to help me straighten out discrepancies in my timeline, or discovers missing, misspelled or misused words in my manuscript. She plays a big part in my success and that’s why I dedicate each book to her.

whats-upMy cat Bella is my buddy and writing partner. She likes to sit on my desk and curl up next to my laptop while I write. Occasionally, she will interrupt me to make sure that I give her the appropriate petting or scratching behind the ear. When I’m not paying attention, she taps on the keyboard and tries to add her own twist to the novel. She’s not a very good speller, but her heart is in the right place.

The best thing about my family is that I know they love me whether I sell one book or a million. In their eyes I’m already a bestseller.


John’s author page on Amazon is here, and his author blog is here.

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