Want to score some free books?

freeI’ve got a milestone birthday coming up — so I’m having a party!  And I’m giving stuff away.  Good deal, right?

I’m going to be giving away FIFTY COPIES of my books, and a bunch of my terrific author friends will be offering giveaways as well.  You’ll have to surrender your e-mail address (via PM), but we promise: your address will be used ONLY to send you your free book(s).  No worries!  You won’t be added to any lists, and you won’t get spammed.

You can check my books out via their individual pages here at my website.  The other authors who’ll be participating also write in a variety of genres: SF, horror, romance, paranormal romance, dystopian — something for everybody!  We’ll be spotlighting new releases, Halloween-y horror (ghosts! werewolves!), running some contests… and we’ll let YOU talk about your e-book wish list.

Mark your calendar for October 29th, 2:00-10:00 pm EDT.  The location?  Right over here, at Facebook.  The event is open to anyone on Facebook, so please do tell your friends!  The more the merrier.  Hope to see you there!

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