New Sci Fi for Labor Day!

horizon smallApparently, there’s nothing I like better than going against the flow – ignoring all the rules and “must do”s when it comes to writing and publishing new books. So of course, this new one doesn’t follow the rules either.

It’s science fiction – no argument there. But is it YA? I guess you could say so, since one of the main characters is a 16-year-old girl. On the other hand, the other MC is a 30-year-old shuttle pilot. So if you like YA, there’s something here you might enjoy. And if you don’t like YA… there are other characters to follow. The best I can tell you is, it’s a story about family, and friendship – as are most of my stories – and following your best instincts. It’s a story about people. Tough to fit into a box… like most of us unpredictable humans!

Introducing… HORIZON

For 16-year-old Emilie Hale, life has been good. She and the other residents of New Phoenix are confined inside the walls of their colony, but it’s a colorful place where very little ever goes wrong… at least for the humans. For the Uuvali, the planet’s original residents, things are a little more complicated. They’ve been working as helpers and servants for the past two hundred years, which they’ve been glad to do. They’re quiet, gentle and kind.

They’re also easy to blame.

To Emilie’s horror, when the colony’s infrastructure begins to break down, the adults around her begin to point to the Uuvali as the cause of their problems, calling them lazy, sloppy, and vindictive, and no one is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not until a handsome supply shuttle pilot arrives for a visit does Emilie find an ally, someone who’s willing to ask questions – particularly of the woman he once loved, the woman everyone thinks is in charge.

Neither Emilie nor Fleet Lieutenant Gain Ford ever wanted to be a hero, but they find themselves thrust into that position when no one else will speak up. If they do nothing, New Phoenix and the thousands of Uuvali will fall victim to a madman… someone who would like nothing better than to see the entire colony burn to the ground.

Interested?  It’s only 99 cents for its first 2 weeks on Amazon! Just click the cover image to go to the Amazon listing page.

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