Tips from the Editor

Pieces and Parts: Nope, You’re Not Frankenstein’s Monster, All Sewn Together

My hand grasped the doorknob.

My eyes gazed around the room.

Years ago, I saw a horror film where the lead character’s hand was possessed by an evil entity. The poor guy then spent half an hour doing battle with his own hand, which was doing its best to kill him. (Which you’d think would be counterproductive, but… whatever.)

Lucky for us, our body parts don’t operate independently—and your characters’ pieces and parts shouldn’t do that, either.

I grasped the doorknob.

I gazed around the room.

Pay special attention to your characters’ eyes. They shouldn’t be doing more amazing maneuvers than the Olympics gymnastics team.

My eyes zipped around the room, taking in the fancy drapes, the stuffed moose head over the fireplace, and the long hall leading to the back of the house before finally settling on the wingback chair in the corner.

I’m exhausted just reading that! I hope those poor eyeballs didn’t get bruised doing all that bouncing around.

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