Tips from the Editor

Which of These Things Is Not Like the Others?
An Orange in a Bowl of Apples

Jen spent the whole morning worrying about the job interview. Choosing the right outfit was a nightmare; she changed clothes five times before she settled on a dark blue skirt and a white blouse. Downstairs, her younger brother was watching TV. Her shoes were another problem. The slim, sexy pumps she’d splurged on went best with her outfit—but were they too much for a job in a quiet office in a small town?

Jen’s brother may play an important part in the story. He may offer some encouragement during breakfast, or drive her to the interview.
But in this paragraph, what he’s doing isn’t important.

Don’t switch gears mid-paragraph, and then switch back. Finish telling us about Jen’s wardrobe choices, then shine the spotlight on her brother (or not).


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