A Better Look: Editing Services

My calendar is wide open — booking appointments for October, November, December, and all of 2019!

Contact me:  ficwriter1966cd@gmail.com


“Put your best foot forward” — we’ve all heard that particular advice, whether it concerns applying for a job, meeting someone new, or any one of a thousand other situations.  But for an author… What if you believe you DID put your best foot forward with your latest book or story, and it’s been greeted by a stream of reviews complaining about typos and crying, “Get an editor!”?

I’m here to help!

For a very competitive price, I’ll go through your manuscript page by page and help you correct those annoying little glitches that have managed to escape being noticed.  I’ll return the manuscript to you with the suggested edits marked in Track Changes (in MS Word) so that you can easily review them, then accept or reject them, as you see fit.

Here’s a little more information about my services:


This would involve a manuscript that’s very clean and nearly ready for publication.  I’ll give it a final once-over, looking for typos: transposed letters, missing periods or quotation marks, extra (or missing) spaces, missing or duplicated words, and those troublesome homophones (their/they’re/there, it’s/its).  I’ll also correct any punctuation mistakes and misspellings.


(For example, proofing of a 10,000 word story would cost $30.00.  A 40,000 word story would cost $120.00, and a 100,000 word story would cost $300.00.)

Copy editing


This also involves a manuscript that’s very clean and is almost ready for publication, but needs a little more work beyond simple proofreading. I’ll look for words that are used incorrectly, continuity issues (a character who’s blond in Chapter 1 but has dark hair in Chapter 5), punctuation problems, and other small glitches. This level of editing also includes a complete proofread of your manuscript.


This level of editing is for a manuscript in need of more serious help – for authors who have trouble with verb tenses and creating smooth dialogue. I’ll suggest revisions in sentence and paragraph structure to improve the flow of your story (for instance, combining two short sentences into one, breaking up an overly-long paragraph, or combining paragraphs). I’ll also flag overuse of words (just, so) and actions (smiling, nodding) and correct any punctuation and missing/duplicated word issues. Because this level of editing may result in extensive changes, it does NOT include a final proofread.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’ll ask that you send me a short sample to review and edit. That will show me how much work is needed, and I’ll be able to quote you a price. (For example, copy editing of a 10,000 word story would cost $40.00 – $60.00.  A 40,000 word story would cost $160.00 – $240.00, and a 100,000 word story would cost $400.00 – $600.00.)


I have a Bachelor’s degree in English, together with 38 years of proofreading/editing experience as an executive and legal secretary, and as the editor of a popular series of fanzines.  I’ve been a professional editor for 3 years.

I edit and proofread all of my own books, which you can take a look at by clicking the cover image of each book and using the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

“Carol did a fantastic job of editing my debut novel, ‘Why I Left You’. She was very thorough but also sensitive of my voice and style. I’m very grateful for her fast and professional service. Thank you, Carol, for making my words shine!” Colette Davison, author of Why I Left You

“Carol is very easy to work with and her editing was excellent.  I would recommend her editing to anyone.”  Rhonda Elkins, author of My Bright Shining Star: A Mother’s True Story of Brilliance, Love & Suicide

“I’ve just received a short story back from Carol. I’m extremely happy with the results. Not only was the editing thorough and of a high quality, she gave me some general feedback that will certainly help me improve the story as a whole. Carol was friendly and professional throughout the entire process, replied promptly to my emails and turned the story around very quickly. I will definitely be booking her for future projects.”  Philip Harris, author of Bottled Lightning

“Just got my edits from Carol. Before I sent it, I would have said it was pretty clean. After getting it back, all the red lines tell me otherwise! Very thorough job. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to anyone.”  Steve Voelker, author of Silo Z

“Carol just sent back my edit, and it’s a very through job. She made everything flow much more smoothly, without changing my voice at all. Thanks Carol!”  Rinelle Grey, author of Reckless Rescue and Reckless Rebellion

“Got my edit back from Carol!  I try to do most of my editing by myself (and think I do a fairly decent job), but Carol helped me to catch a lot of those little errors and mistakes that you just kind of gloss over when you’re reading your own story. She also caught a bad habit of mine and brought it to my attention so that I can watch out for it in the future. She was both fast and thorough, and I was pleased to work with her.  Thanks!”  T.C. Beckett, author of Parasol and Jinx!

“Just got my edited 19,000 word manuscript back from Carol this morning. She did a great job, adding a lot of polish and providing a number of good suggestions. She was also very receptive to meeting my release schedule, which had a number of hard dates I couldn’t change at this point. Overall, very responsive and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend her or send her more work in the future.”  Scott Marlowe, author of The Goddard Affair and Thief’s Gambit

“Carol did an excellent job!  She caught a couple of typos that multiple other people missed, and she caught a comma that should have been a semicolon.  She also switched a couple of word choices, but she ‘got’ the voice I was using for this particular piece and didn’t try to change it into something more modern. Very nice!  As good as any copy editor I’ve ever worked with.”  V.M. Black, author of Life Blood and Blood Born

“Carol did a wonderful job! I didn’t have to reject a single edit. She managed to weed out the errors in my manuscript without impacting my voice or writing style. I’m so happy that I contacted her, and if you’re on the fence about it, jump on over. You’ll be very pleased with the results!”  Viola Rivard, author of Bound to the Alpha


My general turnaround time is generally 1 day per 10,000 words.  For the most part, I ask that you book specific dates on the calendar, although I can sometimes accommodate manuscripts on a first-come, first-served basis.

I work on all genres except erotica and anything very dark in tone (bondage, torture).

Please note that due to time constraints, I am unable to do developmental editing.  Also due to time constraints, I am unable to accept manuscripts over 90,000 words.

If your story is written in British/Canadian/Australian English and you’d like to stick with that spelling and word usage, please give me a heads up.

As mentioned above, I work in Track Changes in Microsoft Word.  I’m unable to edit in any other software program at this time.

Payment is made through PayPal, due immediately upon completion of the work.

If you’d like more information, or would like to book an editing slot for your book, send me an e-mail at ficwriter1966cd@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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