Supernatural Mystery


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Nick Moore and Terry Banner investigate sleaze and mayhem for The Investigators… a website that’s been at the top of the Internet heap for several years.  But reader interest has been sliding, and they’re desperate for a new scoop, something lurid and attention-grabbing.  Something that will grab their readers by the throat and refuse to let them go.

Thompson Lake, a tiny town in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, seems to fill the bill.  Seventeen people have died there under mysterious circumstances — a situation no one wants to talk about… for good reason.

Welcome to Thompson Lake, Moore & Banner.  It’s a great place to visit… but you might not get out alive.

blood moon smallBLOOD MOON

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Will Bronson is a single father with an 11-year-old son, traveling from town to town, surviving on the pay from odd jobs. Struggling to stay one step ahead of the thing that killed his wife nine years ago: a werewolf, one of the thousands that stalk human prey throughout the world.

In the years since Elizabeth Bronson was murdered, Will has learned the truth about what’s out there. How to track the wolves down and kill them. So when a stranger sends a message saying “Help me,” Will can’t say no. After he meets the mysterious owner of a battered RV parked on a dirt road in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, he can’t walk away — even though by staying, he’s putting his son’s life, and his own, in mortal danger.

Because there’s a wolf close by. And it’s ready to kill again.

one too many smallONE TOO MANY

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Will Bronson and his son Danny are on their way to Vermont to spend a quiet Christmas with a friend — until a snowstorm forces them to take refuge in an isolated country diner with a group of passengers from a disabled bus.  With plenty of food, heat, and companionship, they figure everything will be fine.  Then a pair of state troopers shows up, claiming there’s a murderer in their midst.

That would be bad enough.  But Will Bronson and his son hunt werewolves.  And sometimes the werewolves hunt them.


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A story for grownups, about the mysteries of growing up…

Everybody needs a friend. Eleven-year-old Billy Patterson and his little brother Charlie certainly understand that — until they meet Henry, they’ve got no one to hang out with but each other. Henry loves to explore, and the Patterson boys are more than willing to join him on his adventures. It’s the best possible way to spend a summer.

But there are problems: The boys have been told to stick close to their grandfather’s home. And, well… Henry’s not a typical little boy.

He’s a ghost.

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