Holiday Stories

Christmas Together


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“I’m fine,” Annabeth tells her mom, even though she’s spending Christmas away from her family for the first time. She plans to paint her new apartment, join her friends at a pool party, and do lots of reading.

Then she slips and falls… and is rescued by the gorgeous blue-eyed guy from downstairs.

This superhero of a stranger is a mystery at first: cheerful one minute, sad and brooding the next. But Annabeth can’t help thinking he’s the right guy for her, even though her friends don’t agree. Something about him makes her want him to come back, again and again, until she’s figured out what makes her rescuer tick — and how she can turn this into the best Christmas she’s ever had.



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Every December, the other kids torment Christmas Murphy about her name. They call her Christmas Tree and Candy Cane, and ask if her mother was drunk when she named her. It’s something Chris Murphy has to suffer through every year… along with her role in her school’s Annual Holiday Festival. Because she can’t sing or dance, she’s stuck playing an elf.

Every. Single. Year.

This year, she’s turning 17, and it looks like December will be same old, same old–until she meets the new kid, a senior named Halladay. A senior who’s considerate and charming, and shows no signs of intending to tease her about her name. His blue eyes have her mesmerized, and she begins to imagine the two of them as a couple.

But… he signed up to perform in the Holiday Festival. Where he’s sure to see her in that hideous green felt elf costume.

Getting teased by a bunch of freshmen is one thing. Looking like a fool in front of the cutest guy in school is something else entirely.

Santa small


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Lisa’s life is just fine. She has a 7-year-old son she adores, a comfortable home, a good job… and it’s Christmas. But something’s missing – something (someone) she firmly denies she needs until a white-bearded stranger shows up at her door and advises her, “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want.”





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Andy Palmer’s a smart guy. He’s a math whiz who scored himself a Harvard scholarship, and he’s got a fine future ahead of him — but none of that will help him get what he really wants: a pretty girl named Julie, who’s wearing someone else’s ring. A girl who’s got no idea what she really wants out of life. A girl who says to Andy on New Year’s Eve, “Stay with me.”





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Andy Palmer is home from Harvard for the holidays — figuring on some much-missed family bonding time with his mother and sister. But when an ice storm prevents Andy’s furious sister from attending a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend, the entire Palmer family feels the loss of Andy’s dad — the peacemaker, the one who knew all the answers.