Family Drama

Amy's Wedding v2AMY’S WEDDING

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Hearing your daughter say, “I’m getting married!” should be one of the happiest times of a mother’s life — but for Colleen Phelan, it’s the beginning of six months of uncertainty. She, her husband Don, and their daughter Amy have been a trio for so long that Colleen isn’t sure she can rediscover herself, or her own marriage, once Amy is gone. When her husband announces that at 19 Amy is far too young to get married, and that he intends to ask TV’s favorite fix-it doctor for advice, Colleen has to find someone else to turn to, or risk losing everything and everyone she loves.


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Growing up, in a collection of short stories…

Wade and Ryan Snyder don’t live a charmed life. For almost a decade their mother has dragged them from town to town, looking for something that feels like success. That makes it hard to find friends, do well in school, feel like you belong.

They’re a team, the three Snyders — but being a team isn’t without its problems, a situation that will come to a head one night during Wade’s senior year.


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At 36, Mike Hanks still doesn’t think he’s ready to be a dad. He’s the Fun Uncle – the one who’ll jump into a pile of leaves with you, or go for ice cream, or help pull a prank on your parents. He’s not able to be the one in charge, the one with the answers to all the tough questions. But ready or not, she’s here: Annabelle Elizabeth, his Annie – and he discovers to his amazement that she’s willing to accept him “as is.” That this little person trusts him, and adores him, and will forgive all of his mistakes, because he may be a jerk, but he’s HER jerk. Her dad. Her best friend.



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Andy’s home from Harvard for the holidays — figuring on some much-missed family bonding time with his mother and sister.

But when an ice storm prevents Andy’s furious sister from attending a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend, the entire Palmer family feels the loss of Andy’s dad — the peacemaker, the one who knew all the answers.


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