Silo Saga (from the World of WOOL)


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The Rebel State story continues with Book 4!

Seventeen years ago, the California delegates to the National Convention were herded underground and locked into a silo while bombs exploded overhead. They’ve all done their best to survive since then — some of them with the help of mind-numbing drugs pumped into the water supply.

Now, the head of IT is dying, and the people around her believe they should have a say in who her replacement will be. They aren’t aware that this isn’t a democracy, that they’re all being watched from somewhere else, and that Laura Wayne has already chosen her successor. She’s picked 24-year-old Connor Brownell, the stepson of the mayor — but Connor has secrets of his own, hidden deep inside the silo.

There’s someone else down below, a man who’s carefully bided his time for all these years. He’s made himself essential to those around him, and when he finally decides to head upstairs with all those followers at his heels, he may not only discover a painful truth, he may destroy everything.


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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool – the best-selling REBEL STATE saga (Underground, Missing, and Rebirth) — all in one volume!

Lexie Brownell never expected that a simple trip to Atlanta with her children would change their lives forever. Instead of continuing on to  Orlando to visit the theme parks, the Brownells and thousands of their fellow  Californians are herded into an underground silo, where they’re told that the  outside world has been destroyed by a nuclear attack. That the silo is now their home, and always will be.

But people don’t change, simply because they’re trapped underground — as Lexie and her family soon discover. Hopes and dreams, determination, compassion, and loyalty all survive… as do one man’s need to surround himself with stolen goods, and a boy’s despair at being bullied.

This is your chance to read all three parts of the Year One story in a single volume! Join the Brownells and the other California survivors  as they adjust to life in the silo… unaware that they’re being watched.

And judged.

underground cover smallREBEL STATE: UNDERGROUND

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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool: Part 1 of the REBEL STATE saga.

Once upon a time… the world outside came to an end.

Lexie Brownell brought her two children to Atlanta to attend the National Convention, telling them that afterwards they’d head down to Orlando to visit the parks and see the princesses.  But a bright light erupted, mushroom clouds began to form, and everyone attending the Convention was herded underground, into what was supposed to be a nuclear waste storage facility.

To Lexie’s horror, she discovers that her brother knew all of this was going to happen.  That he added her name, and those of her children, to a carefully screened list of people who’d be saved — and condemned to a life underground.  Life in an enormous concrete silo, where there are farms, schools, apartments, factories, water processing plants — the seeds of a new community.

A community they can never leave.


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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool… Part 2 of the REBEL STATE saga.

The Brownell family and the other residents of the California silo have been locked underground for six months now. Life is meandering along — people have jobs, go to school, eat, sleep, make love. Each new day is very much like any other, until a 12-year-old boy goes missing, and the silo becomes a whirlwind of fear, and worry, and for some, outright panic.

All of which is being observed… by Silo One.

rebirth cover smallREBEL STATE: REBIRTH

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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool… Part 3 of the REBEL STATE saga.

The residents of the California silo have been underground for a year. Thanks to the effects of the drugs in the water, they’ve forgotten all the details of their lives Outside, as well as losing all the belongings they used to treasure. To help bring some badly-needed cheer to the silo, Deputy Mayor David Brownell puts together a 3-day Festival of songs, parades, games and prizes — only to discover that one of the porters has already created some joy of his own, by pilfering and hoarding everything he can lay his hands on.

The penalty for that sort of crime against the silo?  Cleaning.

Henry redo smallREBEL STATE: HENRY

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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool

After forty years as a college professor, Henry Piller moved to California so he could garden in the sun. Six months later, he was invited to join the California contingent at the national convention in Atlanta. Now, he’s underground, with thousands of other survivors, all of whom are strangers to him, and he’s been “reassigned” as a farmer.

Henry’s never minded being on his own, and he doesn’t mind change. You need to bend with the wind, he always says. But this kind of change might be more than he can bear… until a little girl shows up to ask, “Are you a grandfather?”


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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool

Kat and Bradley Ayerman arrive in Atlanta only steps away from breaking up. The relationship that began as love at first sight has crumbled under the pressure of Brad’s job and the demands of his high-powered father, and neither of them can see a point in trying to stay together.

Then… the world comes to an end, and they find themselves imprisoned in an underground silo, with only each other to turn to.


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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool

Rosemary Beck used to sell insurance in Southern California. Now she’s a resident of an underground silo, and for a reason she can’t fathom, she’s been assigned to teach elementary school. Yes, she used to help her 15-year-old son with his homework, but she’s not a professional educator. She can’t possibly teach small children. The people in charge have made the wrong choice — that’s the one thing she’s sure of, until her son and the silo’s deputy mayor decide to convince her otherwise.

they kill smallTHEY KILL

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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool

This is where it all begins: when the monsters come creeping up out of the mines…

It starts as a tall tale, something the miners use to entertain themselves over big bowls of stew in the dining hall. Scratches on the equipment. Footprints left in the dirt. And whispers, coming from somewhere deep within the mines. Joe Forbes dismisses it as so much nonsense — and then he remembers something his father said: You always feel pretty lucky, right before your luck runs out.

they feed smallTHEY FEED

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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool

Ben Logan never wanted to be a deputy — and he certainly didn’t want to be chief deputy! He reluctantly accepted the job believing his days would be full of paperwork, breaking up fist fights and searching for lost dogs. Then his second-in-command came to him and said, “We’ve got a body in the mines.” A body that’s been shredded by something with claws… and has had its heart torn out. With the aid of the victim’s best friend, Ben has to step into a role he never envisioned, tracking the killer as it leaves a trail of blood throughout the silo.


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