Silo Stories (from the World of WOOL)


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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool — the best-selling REBEL STATE saga (Underground, Missing, and Rebirth) — all in one volume!

Lexie Brownell never expected that a simple trip to Atlanta with her children would change their lives forever. Instead of continuing on to  Orlando to visit the theme parks, the Brownells and thousands of their fellow  Californians are herded into an underground silo, where they’re told that the  outside world has been destroyed by a nuclear attack. That the silo is now their home, and always will be.

But people don’t change, simply because they’re trapped underground — as Lexie and her family soon discover. Hopes and dreams, determination, compassion, and loyalty all survive… as do one man’s need to surround himself with stolen goods, and a boy’s despair at being bullied.

This is your chance to read all three parts of the Year One story in a single volume! Join the Brownells and the other California survivors  as they adjust to life in the silo… unaware that they’re being watched.

And judged.

rebel state hiddenREBEL STATE: HIDDEN

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Spun off from Hugh Howey’s World of WOOL…

Seventeen years ago, the California delegates to the National Convention were herded underground and locked into a silo while bombs exploded overhead. They’ve all done their best to survive since then — some of them with the help of mind-numbing drugs pumped into the water supply.

Now, the head of IT is dying, and the people around her believe they should have a say in who her replacement will be. They aren’t aware that this isn’t a democracy, that they’re all being watched from somewhere else, and that Laura Wayne has already chosen her successor. She’s picked 24-year-old Connor Brownell, the stepson of the mayor — but Connor has secrets of his own, hidden deep inside the silo.

There’s someone else down below, a man who’s carefully bided his time for all these years. He’s made himself essential to those around him, and when he finally decides to head upstairs with all those followers at his heels, he may not only discover a painful truth, he may destroy everything.


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A collection of stories spun off from Hugh Howey’s World of WOOL…

They came to Atlanta to attend the national convention: a retired college professor, an insurance saleswoman, a young couple whose marriage is in trouble, and thousands of others. To their horror, bombs began to fall on the city, and they were herded into an underground silo to protect them from the cataclysm outside.

But the silo isn’t just a temporary shelter. It’s their home now, forever, and surviving there means adapting to the loss of almost everything they knew and loved. The professor becomes a farmer, the insurance saleswoman a teacher. It’s going to be a good life, they’re told — but is that true, if they’ll never see the sun again?

RebelStateTheyFeed_CVRTHEY FEED

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In a story spun off from Hugh Howey’s World of WOOL, life in the silo turns into a nightmare.

Ben Logan never wanted to be a deputy — and he certainly didn’t want to be chief deputy. He reluctantly accepted the job believing his days would be full of paperwork, breaking up fist fights and searching for lost dogs. Then his second-in-command came to him and said, “We’ve got a body in the mines.” A body that’s been shredded by something with claws, and has had its heart torn out.

With the aid of the victim’s best friend, Ben has to step into a role he never envisioned, tracking the killer as it leaves a trail of blood throughout the silo.

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