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Randi Gibson is turning 30, and she’s giving herself a present: two weeks at Cape Cod, with only her pet African Grey for company.  It’s the perfect break from noisy neighbors, a demanding job, and constant reminders of her recent breakup.

But her “No-Hormone-Zone” mom, her flustered boss, and her party-girl best friend can’t bear to let her go.  She’ll lose her marbles out there by herself, they warn.  It’s dangerous, being alone.  One by one, they show up to take care of her… and soon, Randi’s only sanctuary is the local convenience store, and the company of its handsome owner, his boisterous nephew, and a kind old man who advises Randi to follow her heart, no matter where it leads.


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Randi Gibson has turned her life around: a new home on Cape Cod, a great guy, and a job that keeps her hopping without driving her insane.  Things couldn’t be better — she’s sure of that.

Then in the blink of an eye, everything turns upside down again, and the happiness she’s tried so hard to build is shattered. Her scattered best friend arrives with earth-shaking news, the child she’s babysitting goes missing… and the love of her life isn’t at all sure he wants to be with her any more.  Her life is ruined — until she realizes that sometimes a friend knows you better than you know yourself.

caroldaviscover2Book 3: SOMETHING PERFECT

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After a lot of bumps in the road, Randi Gibson has found her Mr. Right, and is planning the wedding of her dreams.  Her career as an artist is gaining some ground, and she’s just made a real estate sale that’s netted her a fantastic commission.  Life couldn’t be better.

But she’s thought that before… right before things went spectacularly wrong.

Her ex is in town, demanding to see her.  A dear friend is in Intensive Care.  And that’s just the beginning…


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Andy Palmer’s a smart guy. He’s a math whiz who scored himself a Harvard scholarship, and he’s got a fine future ahead of him — but none of that will help him get what he really wants: a pretty girl named Julie, who’s wearing someone else’s ring.

A girl who’s got no idea what she really wants out of life.

A girl who says to Andy on New Year’s Eve, “Stay with me.”


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Lisa’s life is just fine. She has a 7-year-old son she adores, a comfortable home, a good job… and it’s Christmas. But something’s missing – something (someone) she firmly denies she needs until a white-bearded stranger shows up at her door and advises her, “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want.”



Top of the World


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37-year-old divorcee Jane Kenton is starting over — looking for a new job with a better salary, one that will help her pay the bills and take better care of her two growing kids. But she ends up in an office that’s pretty much her worst nightmare, except for the handsome, friendly stranger she meets out in the hall.

Matt Fischer has his own problems, although he’s the boss of a successful construction/renovation company. His family history has made him reluctant to think about romance; he’d rather be the fun uncle, the guy who helps everyone out. Then he meets Jane, and suddenly the road ahead looks very, very different.

PicturePerfect v2PICTURE PERFECT

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It’s supposed to be a weekend of relaxation for advertising agency co-owner Marti Meredith — two days of getting away from her increasingly hectic life, spent at the mountain retreat of a tech billionaire. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. Only minutes after she arrives, she discovers she’s not alone. Her ex-husband is the property manager, and in just a few hours, being with him again turns her life, and all of her best-laid plans, upside down.


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