Sweet Gay Romance


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Waiter Rich Johnson has an eye for the gorgeous guy who comes into the diner every day — but in a small town, when you’re gay, it’s tough to be up front about your feelings. It takes a sudden accident to bring them together, but even then, it’s not smooth sailing. Doug has family issues that have him torn apart, and it’s up to Rich to find the courage to tell Doug what he really wants.




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Terry and his friends have come to Las Vegas for some fun on spring break, to celebrate turning 21 – but Terry doesn’t feel much like celebrating. He’s been preparing for a career he doesn’t really want but doesn’t know how to walk away from, and he’s got no one special to care about.

Then, he’s sitting alone watching his friends do some rock climbing when a gorgeous stranger with a camera approaches… and starts a conversation that just might change Terry’s entire life.


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Includes the six stories listed below – and you can save a dollar by buying the whole set! Six different couples, six different romances, each with a happy ending that will leave you smiling.

If Not for Charlie — His Unforgivable Soup

Another Dad for Chloe — Dylan’s Valentine

Finally Home — Mr. and Mr. Smith

smith smallMR. AND MR. SMITH

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Evan and Doug have been together for three years when Evan pops the question. It’s a done deal, he figures; they love each other and are committed to spending their lives together.

So he’s a little surprised when Doug broaches the subject of premarital counseling, something Doug’s sister claims is a must-do, and he’s even more surprised when a simple question from the counselor uncovers some problems.

They both dream of a wedding on the beach, and one day soon becoming dads — but first, they’ve got to work through those little issues, and begin to create their “happily ever after.”

home 2 smallFINALLY HOME

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Twenty-somethings Micah and Zach have been together for more than a year, living in Micah’s former bachelor apartment.

They’re on top of the world, Micah figures — they’re in love, they’ve got good jobs and a great circle of friends.

But a trip to find some parts for the old car Zach is restoring shows Micah that their life together isn’t as perfect as he thought, and he’s afraid of losing his partner… until a bit of magic happens on a nearly-deserted country road.

dylan 2 smallDYLAN’S VALENTINE

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College freshman Dylan has said “no thanks” to finding a boyfriend this year, because his studies are too important. There’s just no time for relationships, a decision his roommate Matt agrees with wholeheartedly.

Then their RA announces the Five Nights of Valentines Fest — a time for the residents of their dorm to creep around and leave little anonymous gifts for the objects of their affection.

Most of his dorm mates get candy and cheap little Valentines, but the gifts Dylan receives are surprisingly personal… and he soon discovers that he’s been overlooking something that’s been right in front of him all along.


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For I.T. tech Rick, summer means a couple of weeks at the beach with his friends – fun, relaxation, getting away from the rules of everyday life. No complications. And that’s fine, because he’s still getting over a painful breakup.

Then, on a trip to town, he meets a happy-go-lucky golden retriever named Chloe… and her owner, the shy and gorgeous David. Sparks fly, and Rick finds himself falling hard.

So hard that he can’t forget about David even months later, and when a chance encounter at the local dog park results in David disappearing into the crowd, Rick decides that he’ll do anything to track his new love down… even though David’s answer was “No.”


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Indiana native Kieran Flynn moved to Southern California with two hopes: to escape the cold, and to find some success in advertising. But four months later he’s still struggling to understand computer software, his home is an apartment over someone’s garage, and he hasn’t found a single way to stand out from the crowd. The only time of day he truly enjoys is lunchtime, when he leaves the confines of the office and soaks up some sun near the beach. Nothing looks promising. There’s no success on the horizon… until a half-crazed guy comes running outside yelling, “Help me! Please help me!”

That’s Kieran’s introduction to “the soup man,” a gorgeous cafe owner named Ryan Dunn, who’ll quickly become the most important person Kieran’s ever met – and will teach him that when one thing in your life is perfect, the rest of your life might just follow suit.

charlie 2 smallIF NOT FOR CHARLIE

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Jeremy Cole is a success, by anyone’s standards: he runs a popular online magazine, and two of his books have hit the best-seller lists. Though he’s quiet and a little clumsy, his family and friends adore him.

But throughout his life, he’s known there was something missing – the person who would make him complete. Someone he met years ago, during a summer he spent at the lake with his grandparents. Someone who sent him postcards and dozens of little gifts, someone who led him on great adventures… and then disappeared from his life, only to return a decade later. Someone who comes and goes on a whim, chasing a goal Jeremy can’t begin to understand.

After his grandmother’s death, Jeremy is faced with selling his family’s treasured summer home – and with deciding, once and for all, what to do about Charlie, the only man he’s ever loved.


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