Want to score some free books?

freeI’ve got a milestone birthday coming up — so I’m having a party!  And I’m giving stuff away.  Good deal, right?

I’m going to be giving away FIFTY COPIES of my books, and a bunch of my terrific author friends will be offering giveaways as well.  You’ll have to surrender your e-mail address (via PM), but we promise: your address will be used ONLY to send you your free book(s).  No worries!  You won’t be added to any lists, and you won’t get spammed.

You can check my books out via their individual pages here at my website.  The other authors who’ll be participating also write in a variety of genres: SF, horror, romance, paranormal romance, dystopian — something for everybody!  We’ll be spotlighting new releases, Halloween-y horror (ghosts! werewolves!), running some contests… and we’ll let YOU talk about your e-book wish list.

Mark your calendar for October 29th, 2:00-10:00 pm EDT.  The location?  Right over here, at Facebook.  The event is open to anyone on Facebook, so please do tell your friends!  The more the merrier.  Hope to see you there!


Look at that! I’m going to zero in.

The common wisdom in the indy publishing biz is that you have to pick ONE THING — one arena — one subject.  You have to essentially become a one-trick pony, and do that trick over and over and over again, and pimp it relentlessly.

But anyone who knows me (or most of the members of my family) knows that the quickest way to get me to balk is to tell me, “You HAVE TO [fill in the blank].”  As a young friend once said, “That no work for me.”  So nope… I’m not going to write only sweet romance.  Or sci-fi.  Or supernatural mystery.  Or women’s fiction.  I’m not going to set up one series and write 500 chapters.  Because Oh Dear God.  That would be the fastest route to complete insanity for me.  It would suck all the fun out of telling stories.

What I *am* going to do is pick a theme — one that’s appeared over and over again in all the stories I’ve written over the years.  One that’s dear to my heart, because examining it helps me understand the people I love, and understand myself.


The one we’re born with.  The ones we build through marriage, through friendship, through shared experience.  Our larger family as members of the human race.  As has been true in the stories I’ve written in the past, the backdrops will be different.  I may write about places you recognize, or worlds that exist only in my imagination, but I hope my characters will be people who seem familiar — people you’ll like, that you’ll cheer for or cry with.  With luck, they’ll help you understand yourself and the people you love just a bit better.

Here at the blog, I’ll be talking with some terrific creative folks about the examination of family in their own works.  Now and then, we’ll be holding some giveaways, and we’ll point you toward some great new books.  We’ll ask questions, and answer them.  As our family of readers, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

Look for a couple of posts a week.  And if you’d like to do a guest post, by all means drop me a line!