Science Fiction

Horizon_CVR (1)HORIZON

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For 16-year-old Emilie Hale, life has been good. She and the other residents of New Phoenix are confined inside the walls of their colony, but it’s a colorful place where very little ever goes wrong… at least for the humans. For the Uuvali, the planet’s original residents, things are a little more complicated. They’ve been working as helpers and servants for the past two hundred years, which they’ve been glad to do. They’re quiet, gentle and kind.

They’re also easy to blame.

To Emilie’s horror, when the colony’s infrastructure begins to break down, the adults around her begin to point to the Uuvali as the cause of their problems, calling them lazy, sloppy, and vindictive, and no one is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not until a handsome supply shuttle pilot arrives for a visit does Emilie find an ally, someone who’s willing to ask questions – particularly of the woman he once loved, the woman everyone thinks is in charge.

Neither Emilie nor Fleet Lieutenant Gain Ford ever wanted to be a hero, but they find themselves thrust into that position when no one else will speak up. If they do nothing, New Phoenix and the thousands of Uuvali will fall victim to a madman… someone who would like nothing better than to see the entire colony burn to the ground.

Voyages v2VOYAGES

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Explore other times and other worlds with the four novelette-length stories of VOYAGES:

A factory worker who delights in the escape provided by his colony’s “theater” discovers that some members of the audience don’t ever come back.

A teenager waiting for his parents to finish touring a new house finds himself swept up in a renegade scientist’s time travel experiment – one that might not allow either of them to return home.

A small-time criminal discovers some painful truths about himself and the world around him as a comet speeds toward Earth. And…

An android who’s always yearned to be human is talked into participating in a life-threatening “game” and discovers that being human might not be so valuable after all.


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His name is Matthew. He’s an A.I. – artificial intelligence, an android who looks fully human. He walks, talks and interacts just like a human teenager. He has feelings, just like a human.

But that’s not enough for some of the members of the community he lives in, and it’s not enough for two visiting teenagers he’s been asked to escort. To them, he’s just a machine – which means they’re free to do with him whatever they choose, even if it means taking part in a game that might destroy him.

His name is Matthew, and he’s desperate to survive. Desperate for someone to care.

Escape 1 smallESCAPE

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Meet Eli Christopher – a 29-year-old factory worker who loves the theater. It’s his only escape from a dusty, frustrating life, a place where his imagination can run free, where he can feel some genuine joy and take a nap in the sun.

This same theater is also a place of terror, for those who can’t bring themselves to leave – the people who scream in panic and beg to stay.

This isn’t Now, and Eli Christopher isn’t on Earth. He’s in a place where silence and obedience are required, where you can never change the status you were given on arrival. Where something as simple as a clean drink of water is a near miracle.
He’s in a place where a moment of joy brings with it an enormous risk: that you’ll be carried, screaming, beyond the black door…never to be seen again.

Flight 2FLIGHT

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The humans call him Germ — the small blue furry creature they found a while back. To their surprise, he’s not only capable of speech, he can repair their machines better than they can. For the crew of a deep-space outpost, that’s something that comes in really handy, and for pilot John Porter, Germ becomes a friend — one he’ll come to depend on more than he ever thought was possible.


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