Science Fiction

Horizon_CVR (1)HORIZON

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Fleet Lieutenant Gain Ford has never wanted to be a hero. He’s content to fly supply runs wherever and whenever they’re needed, because they give him the opportunity to be alone in the vast reaches of space. There, he’s his own boss, and he can let his imagination run free.

But things change when he’s asked to make a run to the New Phoenix colony. It’s a colorful place where very little ever goes wrong… at least for the humans. For the Uuvali, the planet’s original residents, things are more complicated. They’ve been working as helpers and servants for the past two hundred years, which they’ve been glad to do. They’re quiet, gentle and kind.

They’re also easy to blame.

When the colony’s infrastructure begins to break down, the colonists begin to point to the Uuvali as the cause of their problems, and no one is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s a situation Gain Ford would rather not be a part of, until one of the colony’s younger residents begs for his help—because the governor is a woman he once loved, someone who might listen to him if he tells her what’s gone wrong.

He’d really rather do nothing, but if he doesn’t act, New Phoenix and the thousands of innocent Uuvali will fall victim to a madman who would like nothing better than to see the entire colony burn to the ground.

Voyages v2VOYAGES

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Explore other times and other worlds with the four novelette-length stories of VOYAGES:

A factory worker who delights in the escape provided by his colony’s “theater” discovers that some members of the audience don’t ever come back.

A teenager waiting for his parents to finish touring a new house finds himself swept up in a renegade scientist’s time travel experiment – one that might not allow either of them to return home.

A small-time criminal discovers some painful truths about himself and the world around him as a comet speeds toward Earth. And…

An android who’s always yearned to be human is talked into participating in a life-threatening “game” and discovers that being human might not be so valuable after all.


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His name is Matthew. He’s an A.I. – artificial intelligence, an android who looks fully human. He walks, talks and interacts just like a human teenager. He has feelings, just like a human.

But that’s not enough for some of the members of the community he lives in, and it’s not enough for two visiting teenagers he’s been asked to escort. To them, he’s just a machine – which means they’re free to do with him whatever they choose, even if it means taking part in a game that might destroy him.

His name is Matthew, and he’s desperate to survive. Desperate for someone to care.

Escape 1 smallESCAPE

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Meet Eli Christopher – a 29-year-old factory worker who loves the theater. It’s his only escape from a dusty, frustrating life, a place where his imagination can run free, where he can feel some genuine joy and take a nap in the sun.

This same theater is also a place of terror, for those who can’t bring themselves to leave – the people who scream in panic and beg to stay.

This isn’t Now, and Eli Christopher isn’t on Earth. He’s in a place where silence and obedience are required, where you can never change the status you were given on arrival. Where something as simple as a clean drink of water is a near miracle.
He’s in a place where a moment of joy brings with it an enormous risk: that you’ll be carried, screaming, beyond the black door…never to be seen again.

Flight 2FLIGHT

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The humans call him Germ — the small blue furry creature they found a while back.

To their surprise, he’s not only capable of speech, he can repair their machines better than they can.

For the crew of a deep-space outpost, that’s something that comes in really handy, and for pilot John Porter, Germ becomes a friend — one he’ll come to depend on more than he ever thought was possible.

714J2MT29YL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ 51HS7QQSP9L__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

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My first venture into publication! Tie-in novels for the classic 1989-1993 NBC TV series. They’re both available via Amazon’s affiliate vendors.


Leaping into the body of a winter caretaker at a summer resort, Sam is targeted by a woman claiming to be his wife, who is threatening the Quantum Leap project by trying to sell his story to the tabloids.


It’s 1999, five years after the Leap that started it all. The holes in Sam’s memory are starting to fill, the man in the Waiting Room is disturbingly calm, and Ziggy is dispensing information that can hardly be believed. Something is about to happen. Something that will change Sam’s life and the lives of those who love him–forever…



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From Hugh Howey’s World of Wool… an anthology of short stories from the members of LOOW (the League of Original Woolwrights): David Adams, Ann Christy, Wes Davies, Carol Davis, Lyndon Perry, Thomas Robins, Frederic Shernoff, and Will Swardstrom.

Long after the dust has settled and the survivors of the Silo Saga have gone to seed, Hugh Howey’s bestselling WOOL trilogy continues to captivate readers worldwide. The power of Hugh’s story is underscored all the more by the number of authors who have embraced the invitation to tell their own stories in his ever-expanding world. The first of its kind, this gathering brings together nine of the Silo Saga’s most acclaimed authors to further expand upon the groundbreaking world first laid forth in WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST. From the power struggles of the Up Top to the darkest depths of the mines and everything in between, this anthology promises something for everyone bold enough to venture another journey deep below the surface of the best and worst humanity has to offer.

10509686_10205387917966560_7626109846516463798_nTHE POWERS THAT BE

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They walk among us. They are our friends and family, our neighbors… even our enemies. Individuals with extraordinary abilities. Some view their powers as a blessing. Others, a curse.

From the marvelous to the mundane, each of the charcters in this anthology must come to grips with the burden that has been placed upon them. Some choose to do good for others; some retreat into more pedestrian pursuits, only to discover they can run from everything but themselves. Some find solace in simple acts; others glory in the grandeur of their exploits. Some want nothing more than to disappear permanently. Yet through it all, hope and humanity prevail in unexpected ways.

Featuring nine super stories by ten amazing authors, this is truly an anthology of the extraordinary.


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Time travel. Humanity has long imagined what it would be like to be able to create a time machine, what we might see if we could travel into the future, or be transported to the distant past. And what if it were possible to travel into our own, more recent past? Would we be able to change our present, or are we prisoners of predestination? Is fate what we make of it?

In this latest title in the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ series of speculative fiction anthologies, fourteen authors confront the question of time travel and its consequences, exploring a landscape where past, present and future all become imaginable destinations.

“The Time Travel Chronicles” features stories by science fiction grandmaster Robert J. Sawyer (Calculating God), Amazon bestselling author Rysa Walker (the Chronos series), Best American Science Fiction notable Samuel Peralta (Faith), plus eleven more of today’s top authors in speculative and science fiction.

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